Business Law

Hill Innovative Law is committed to protecting entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as helping them grow within the confines of our legal system. We help our innovative clients with all issues related to creating and growing a business. Below are some of the examples of what we help our clients with:


Entity Formation

Selecting the right business entity is an important aspect of beginning a new business.  There are many considerations to take into account before choosing the proper business entity, such as: how much liability you want to be exposed to, how you want your business to be taxed, and how you want your business to be managed?

The different requirements for creation, registration, and corporate governance can be burdensome and mistakes can be costly.

Hill Innovative Law has extensive knowledge and experience with forming various business entities. We can make the process of forming your business entity simple and easy, so you can focus on building a successful business.



Contracts are important to every business, big and small. Hill Innovative Law has experience creating many types of documents. Some of these documents include NDAs, Buy/Sell Agreements, funding agreements, etc.

The massive amounts of information in a contract or legal document can be overwhelming and so can the legal jargon. Words are important. The smallest word can negatively or positively impact you and your business. Hill Innovative Law is here to help you interpret a contract or legal document of any kind.


Deal Structure

The structure of a deal determines how much control of a company you have and how much you will receive when your hard work pays off. Many considerations, such as, ownership percentages, distribution rights, and contributions to the company need to be taken into account. These considerations can be hard to determine. Hill Innovative Law has the experience and competence to help you navigate these complex issues.



How do I accept funding? When do I accept funding? How much ownership should I give up? These questions can be daunting. It is important to have the proper documents in place to be able to accept funding, and accepting funding can raise many complex issues. When you accept funding can determine the life cycle of your company and the ownership make-up of your company. Ownership is always a tough question. Determining the value of others and keeping control of your company is not an easy task. Hill Innovative Law understands these issues and looks forward to helping you through the funding process.



Due to the complex issues and challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses face daily, lawsuits are commonplace. From broken contracts to tortious interference with a business relationship, Hill Innovative Law understands how to handle delicate matters that can hinder business or even put you or your company out of business.